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Our team of experts is here to treat your neurological disorders that are precisely related to your spinal cord and spine. Whether it is back pain, pinched nerves, or any other spinal injury that may interrupt your neurological functions, it is treated at Mir Neurology & Spine Center.

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Our Treatment Programs

Solving your pain is our second nature! Get to know more about our treatment programs, and you won’t go anywhere else because we have your issues covered.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (NCS)

Get your trapped tibial nerves of ankles treated with our TTS program.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

The best medical assistance for your tingled or numbed wrists.

Tingling & Numbness

Ever wondered why your specific body parts feel desensitized.

Pinched Nerves

Pressured nerves may cause some severe malfunctioning of nerves.

Back Pain

There are no age barriers for Back Pain to occur.

Work Related Injuries

Get early diagnostics and treatments for your neuro-spinal injuries.

Meet Our Team

Mir Neurology & Spine Center is nothing without its hard-working team members, and we are happy to introduce you to our team of highly experienced and professional members!

Shannon Martin

Nurse Practitioner

A Certified Nurse Practitioner, Shannon Martin is a graduate from Frostburg State University who is devoted to offering her duties of a welcoming nurse!

Heather Hall

Physician Assistant

NCCPA certified physician assistant, and a graduate from Shenandoah University, Heather Hall is one of our most dedicated members at Mir Neurology

Elina Mir

Clinical Research Coordinator

A Clinical Research Coordinator, She is a compassionate health care researcher at Mir Neurology who graduated from The George Washington University.

Getting the treatment that you need begins with making an appointment with us. All you need is to tell us why you’re making an appointment and when you are willing to schedule it!

Our Team Of Specialized And Experienced Staff

Under the supervision of our expert Neurologist Dr. Sarim Mir, our group of health care professionals is dedicated to providing the best spine treatments to our patients. With a vast experience in Neurophysiology, we ensure you to facilitate you with the following facilities:

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Our Gallery

Quality Treatments And Services At Our Centre

Explore our gallery with numerous treatments and services for neuro-spinal disorders, and know why you should choose us!

Consult A Specialist Doctor

For permanent and long-term relief, one should always consult a specialist in that field. You have the privilege of meeting our expert!

Recent News & Advices

We keep researching and adding the latest news and articles related to neurology, neurophysiology, treatments, and disorders. Read on to stay updated with us!

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