The Common Symptoms Observed In Patients Suffering From Migraine


Interviewer: What is the most common thing you’ll see, what sort of migraines, what are the symptoms that people experience when they have migraines? How often and what do they feel?

Sarim Mir: People have severe headaches, and different people describe them differently. Some say their headaches are pounding, some people describe they have a tight band around their head, some people say that their head is about to explode, some people say they have a feeling of an ice pick in their eyes, in their head, like they are being hit by a hammer. People describe different feelings.

Remedies Utilized to Get Temporary Relief from the Symptoms of Migraine

Interviewer: Is there anything people do that gives them relief without seeing you, is it temporary? What kind of things can people do?

Sarim Mir: People say that if they take Tylenol and Advil, it can help them for a short time but the headache will come back. We have seen people who are taking up to 10 Tylenols a day, 15. So they would try those, some people would try home remedies also.

People May Experience Heightened Sensitivity Towards Light and Sound when Suffering from Migraine

Interviewer: Are those all the symptoms of migraines?

Sarim Mir: Some people will get sensitivity to sound, they will get sensitivity to light also, they say they can’t open their eyes in bright light at all. You have some people who come to your office wearing dark glasses. Some people, they are in the exam room, they are there with the room dark. Some people can’t tolerate any sounds, if there’s a pin drop they will get startled, they are so much sensitive to sound. Some people are sick at the stomach, they will just continuously throw up, they can’t keep anything down.

Headaches Accompanied by Dizziness and Tingling Sensations are also Symptoms of Migraine

Other people have headaches, some people may feel dizzy. They are some different types of headaches. They may feel dizzy. Some may have difficulty talking, some may get numbness on their face and the arms, and when people have these things they get really afraid. Some people may get afraid when they have this tingling or difficulty talking, they are afraid they are having a stroke. So that really freaks them out. There are other people, who before the headache begins, they may have some difficulty with their vision. They may get tunnel vision, sometimes they can’t see from an eye, or they can see flashes of light. When people have these symptoms, they are again afraid because they really don’t know what is happening to them and they get really scared.

People are Hesitant to Approach a Medical Specialist because they’re Afraid of the Potential Serious Diagnosis

Interviewer: Are people still afraid to come see you, even though they have these terrible problems? Do you feel like their seeing you is going to make it worse? Do you see that people are very hesitant to see you or not?

Sarim Mir: The biggest thing that we have seen is that people don’t like to know. They have the option to come and see us, because as I said people have been to their family doctor or they have been to other doctors. Some people are afraid to see us also, sometimes, they are afraid that we’ll find something wrong with them. There are some people like that also.