Taking Neck Pain Seriously

kneck pain
Not everyone takes neck pain seriously.

Most dismiss it as stress pain and would just take OTC pain relievers without knowing what could have caused it.  Neck pain is one symptom that isn’t given much thought unless accompanied by another symptom. Feeling pain is one way your body warns you that there is something wrong with the tissues surrounding the neck tissues.
Neck pain may stem from injury caused by physical exertion or unnatural movement:

  • pinched nerves
  • herniated disc in the vertebrae.
  • whiplash
  • sudden snapping of the neck backwards

Neck pain can also be from infections like:

  • viral infections in the throat
  • swelling salivary glands
  • lymph gland swelling

Neck pain can be a sign from very rare and unusual diseases like:

  • bone tuberculosis of the neck
  • diabetes
  • osteomyelitis
  • meningitis
  • angina
  • heart disease

To name a few…

Narrowing down the source of your neck pain is easy, just recall the day the pain was ever noticed. Was it after hefting a load too heavy? Are you having other body aches? Or are you running a slight fever?

To rule out which kind of pain you are experiencing at the neck, a visit to the doctor is needed. Medical practitioners have the experience and lab equipment to best determine how to treat you. Nerve testing like the Electromyogram ( EMG ) nd it’s follow up tests would see if the nerves on your neck are responding well.

If your neck pain is diagnosed properly, then the treatment would be given. The pain in your neck may be there the whole time you are being treated, though it may lower in intensity.

Treatment can range from analgesics,cortisone injections and relaxants, topical patches or creams or surgery (if necessary).  When undergoing treatment, doctors advice resting, cold or warm packs, physical modalities and massages or a soft collar traction.

Though a percentage of people would balk at taking their neck pain seriously, taking notice is the start of getting the proper relief.