Relief From Neck Spasms

neck and back pain

Neck spasms often happen when you least expect it, we are most likely not aware that we would be experiencing one. The spasms happen when our muscles contract and you could feel a vice like grip on your neck or a straining sensation.
For immediate relief, the exercises at the bottom  will help tide you over until you can get enough rest and see your physician.

Step 1
Turn your head either right or left.
Step 2
As you turn your head in one direction, firmly clasp your hands tightly behind your head.
This would put the weight of your arms on your chin- which should bend towards the chest.
Step 3
Hold this position for 15 seconds, 3 sets per side.

Chin Tucks
Step 1
With the use of your finger tips, touch your chin and gently tip your head towards your chest.
Step 2
As you tuck your chin in slowly, keep your eyes focused on an object before you.
Step 3
Hold your chin tucked near your chest for about 5 seconds and repeat for 3 sets.

Tucking in your chin will help stretch the muscles that connect the nape and the base of the skull. Keeping your eyes forward can relieve the tension on your head muscles too.

Upper Trapezeus Stretch

Step 1
Sit upright, with your head forward and eyes looking forward.

Step 2
Place your arm behind your back with the back of your hand touching your back.

Step 3

With your free hand, grab the side of your head and tilt it to the side to the other direction. When your right arm is behind your back, it would be your left hand to guide your head to the side.
Step 4
Hold this position for about 15 to 30seconds of 3 sets per side.

You know you’re doing it right when you feel stretching on the side of your neck and your shoulder.

Neck Twists

Step 1
Place your palm on your cheek (left palm on left cheek and vise versa).
Step 2
Push the side of your face in the opposite direction (left palm pushes toward the right and vise versa)
Step 3
Hold this position for 10 seconds in sets of 3.

Scapular Squeezes

Step 1
While sitting down or standing up place your arms on your sides
Step 2
Roll your backwards and try to squeeze together the back of your shoulders
Step 3
Hold for 10 seconds for 3 sets.

Thoracic Extensions
Step 1:
While sitting on the chair, clasp your arms behind your head.
Step 2:
Slowly arch backwards and look up towards the ceiling.
Step 3:
Hold for 5 seconds each time you feel tightening from the neck and shoulders.

These exercises are meant for neck spasms, if pain continues and intensifies schedule a Doctor’s appointment.