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The Standard Protocol Employed by Medical Specialists When Dealing with Patients

Health checklist

Interviewer: How do you diagnose these people, what’s wrong with them that other people couldn’t? What do you guys do? What’s your standard protocol? Sarim Mir: Our protocol is that we listen to them. I can give you some examples. We will ask them about issues with their vision, eyesight, ask them if they have […]

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Certain Medical Professionals Have Processes In Place To Deal With Patients Having Insurance Issues

Health insurance

Interviewer: If everyone takes insurance and if other doctors are not able to spend time with patients, how come you are? Why are you guys able to do that when other doctors can’t? Sarim Mir: We have a system and a process in place. We have nurses who help in the history-taking. We have the […]

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Competent Medical Specialists Get a High Number of Referrals From Other Doctors As Well As Patients

Medical referrals

Interviewer: How do they know that you’re going to be able to help them when other people can’t and how do doctors know that too to refer to you? Sarim Mir: That’s the issue here. Our biggest source of referral at this time is our patients. Our patients who have had good experience will go […]

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