Taking Neck Pain Seriously

neck pain

Not everyone takes neck pain seriously. Most dismiss it as stress pain and would just take OTC pain relievers without knowing what could have caused it.  Neck pain is one symptom that isn’t given much thought unless accompanied by another symptom. Feeling pain is one way your body warns you that there is something wrong […]

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Anxiety Reduction Techniques

how to be calm

People with anxiety are often in a tense state, because of this they would feel chronic pain. Most medical practitioners notice that the pain anxiety patients feel are usually at the shoulders and neck. People suffering from this disorder have a hard time relaxing since their mind is in a state of anxiety. Because of […]

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Tension Headache Relief

tension headache

Headaches are a normal occurrence in anyone’s life, a person can go through different types of headaches in a lifetime. Because of the overwhelming pain or just because it is a common action, a headache would call for some OTC pain relievers or for some a trip to the doctor for a stronger concoction to […]

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Why Tingling and Numbness of the Hand is a Bad Sign


The way we use our arms and hands in work and doing every day chores have always involved the muscles that do a lot of gripping and holding while the muscles that are used for releasing action are weak. The overuse of one set of muscles on one side of the forearm and the continuous […]

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How to Make Car Trips Meaningful

car trip

As parents, we have a moral obligation to provide for our children, it is also our duty to teach and instruct them on right and wrong. Today, because of the concern for their futures, parents tend to bury their noses in work. Even if the work is supposed to be for the betterment of their […]

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