Certain Medical Professionals Have Processes In Place To Deal With Patients Having Insurance Issues

Health insurance

Interviewer: If everyone takes insurance and if other doctors are not able to spend time with patients, how come you are? Why are you guys able to do that when other doctors can’t? Sarim Mir: We have a system and a process in place. We have nurses who help in the history-taking. We have the […]

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Competent Medical Specialists Get a High Number of Referrals From Other Doctors As Well As Patients

Medical referrals

Interviewer: How do they know that you’re going to be able to help them when other people can’t and how do doctors know that too to refer to you? Sarim Mir: That’s the issue here. Our biggest source of referral at this time is our patients. Our patients who have had good experience will go […]

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The Common Symptoms Associated With Cluster Headaches

Cluster headache

Interviewer: What’s cluster headaches, are they like really intense headaches for a short period of time? So intense that it’s what, completely debilitating, or what happens? Sarim Mir: What happens is that people will have these attacks. They describe it like there’s an ice pick in their eyes. They feel like they have to bang […]

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Typical Demographics Associated With Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches

Interviewer: The people that come to see you, are they young, or old, men, women? Is there any commonality? Sarim Mir: We are talking about headaches now, we have female patients, they are from their late teens to their mid-forties. Interviewer: Do you see more men than women? Sarim Mir: For the headaches, it’s about […]

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The Common Symptoms Observed In Patients Suffering From Migraine


Interviewer: What is the most common thing you’ll see, what sort of migraines, what are the symptoms that people experience when they have migraines? How often and what do they feel? Sarim Mir: People have severe headaches, and different people describe them differently. Some say their headaches are pounding, some people describe they have a […]

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