An Overview On Head Related Afflictions


Interviewer: What kind of a doctor are you and what conditions do you see people for?

Sarim Mir: I’m a neurologist and I see patients with headaches. Headaches are a common neurological condition seen in the office, we see patients with back pain and neck pain, we see patients who have tingling and numbness in their feet, we see patients who have seizures and who pass out, patients who have spells, we see patients with Parkinson’s disease, dementia and Multiple Sclerosis, and we also see patients who have carpal tunnel and who have tarsal tunnel.

Interviewer: How is your practice geared?

Sarim Mir: Our practice is patient focused. People come to us, they have insurance.

Common Afflictions of the Head that Require Medical Attention

Interviewer: What are all the conditions that you see people for that affect their head, that make them, that cause problems?

Sarim Mir: We see patients who have tension headaches, we see all types of headaches, those headaches include tension headaches, patients have migraines, then they have different types of migraine headaches, then we have lots of headaches, then we see patients who have trigeminal..

Interviewer: What was it that you said? Oh, fibromyalgia.

Sarim Mir: It is called trigeminal, T-R-I-G-E-M-I-N-A-L neuralgia. Then we have patients who have what we call occipital. O-C-C-I-P-I-T-A-L and then we see patients who have problems with their memory, and we see patients who have Alzheimer’s.

Patients are Generally Referred to Neurologists by their Family Doctors

Interviewer: What makes people come to see you, do they just have relentless headaches or the pain feels like it is killing them, what happens?

Sarim Mir: If people are sent to us by their family doctor, they will only come to see us when the headaches are so bad that their family doctor can’t handle them, they will come to us when it’s affecting them, it is affecting their performance at work or at school. When they have to take time off, when they can’t sleep, or they will come to us when they are taking so many tablets, countless tablets, ibuprofen, and it has caused them to have ulcers, or when they have headaches which make them pass out or they are throwing up. Basically people come to us when they are scared.People come to us when their symptoms are not getting better and it is affecting their peace of mind and they are scared that something may be very wrong which is causing there symptoms.

The Biggest Fear Affecting an Individual with Headaches is the Potential Presence of a Tumor or an Aneurysm

Interviewer: What do you find that people fear is wrong with them, what do they think it is?

Sarim Mir: The biggest thing that people think they have is, they are thinking it’s something in their head. That is their biggest fear. They think either they have a tumor, or they have an aneurysm.

People Generally Explore Many Avenues Prior to Seeking the Services of a Specialist

Interviewer: What do these people try to do before they come see you to alleviate their problems? They take like over-the-counter medications, you know, Tylenol, Advil, what else?

Sarim Mir: They will take those, some people will try supplements, most of the people have been to see their family doctor and they have been on 2 or 3 different prescriptions which haven’t helped them. A lot of patients have been to see other specialists also.