A Happy Life Is: Family

Family matters
During our meeting on the last day of October, we were sharing what we did over the weekend.  Most of the people I meet with are women, there was only one other man besides me.

The events that most of us shared were about the time we spent with our families.  Whether it was on a quiet hike in the woods or helping out a son for a pumpkin project in school or even finally planning a child’s birthday, women in general wear several hats which they would have to be able to succeed in.

We have a colleague who is managing to successfully juggle and manage her time to be a mother, a dutiful daughter, and an employee.  That weekend, she decided to plan her child’s birthday and do things she has been putting off while she cares for her parents (who are both sickly).  She made plans for her daughter’s birthday and decided on a bowling party.  As an added gift for her daughter, she treated her child to some shopping, which her daughter enjoys.  This was a balancing act between being a mother to a 10-year-old daughter and her parents’ daughter herself.

After hearing her account of her weekend, it occurred to me that a woman’s purpose is realized in times where they have the strength and stamina to endure and act upon challenges they face.  That’s why God gave the child bearing to women since they are more resilient and enduring.

Though a male myself, I do know a man’s limitation when it comes to matters of inner strength, most specifically,  when it comes to minding all there is for the family.  A father’s presence is the ultimate assurance of safety and security; while a mother’s inner strength means endurance and courage, which leads me to  believe, women shoulder all the things given to them with nothing but sincere love.