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What’s REALLY causing me such terrible symptoms?

Our patients have been to their doctor, a specialist, maybe even several doctors, and are still not getting relief from crippling pain, loss of ability to work, to move, or to function.

They’ve run into a wall of confusion as to what’s causing their health to make them miserable… and afraid…

Afraid that they might die.
Afraid that they might be having a stroke or heart attack.
Afraid that they’ll never function normally again, spend time with their husband, wife, children, grandchildren or other loved ones.

No, there’s no guarantee we can help, but here is what we CAN guarantee when you come in to our office for an
appointment and medical exam:

  • You will be treated with the utmost respect by all staff
  • Our Providers will spend time listening to every detail of what’s been causing you problems, and will take as much time as necessary so you feel properly listened to
  • Our doctors on staff will spend as much time as needed to properly diagnose you and to do the detective work to ensure that you get the treatment you need

MIR Neurology and Spine Center was founded in 1996 with the aim of delivering the highest quality care to the communities of Western Maryland and the Tri State Region. We are experts in neurology and we employ the most advanced diagnostic testing in order to accurately diagnose and successfully treat a wide range of neurological conditions.